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Managed IT Services in Florida: How much should you pay?

If you are a small to medium-sized business in Florida, using “Managed IT services” could help your company save time, money and frustration on IT and technology provisioning, both from a software & hardware perspective.

By enlisting the help of a managed service provider in Florida, you would have an experienced IT firm managing your IT infrastructure while you focus on growing your core business.

The popularity of using a Managed IT services firm has grown quickly in recent years due to software moving to the cloud, the increasing requirements for cybersecurity expertise & data backup redundancy and because of the high cost of maintaining in-house IT staff to provide these now required business-critical IT functions.

The question becomes: “How much should you pay for Managed IT Services in Florida?

Map of Florida
Map of Florida – The cost of Managed IT services in Florida can vary depending on if you are in a big city or a small town.

Since Florida is a geographically large state, the cost for Managed IT services could vary widely depending on whether you are downtown in a big city like Jacksonville or Miami, or if you are located in a small town like Gainesville, Naples or Pensacola.

No matter where your company is located in Florida, outsourcing your company’s IT would probably be a smart business decision if your company is growing and you don’t have the time, desire or knowledge to manage the technological challenges and IT solutions on a daily basis yourself.

Just like you call a plumber or electrician for certain jobs that are beyond your capabilities, it may be time for your company to enlist the help a managed service provider in Florida to provide you the IT expertise your company needs.

Let’s review the different pricing models available to get an understanding of the cost basis for IT services in Florida.

IT services Pricing Models

Once you decide to enlist the help of an IT services firm, there are a variety of pricing models, service levels and business requirements that need to be considered to ensure your company’s IT infrastructure is well-positioned to support your business as it grows.

Break/Fix versus Managed Services

The Break/Fix model of IT management is basically “pay-as-you-go” IT support that was the common way of obtaining IT support in the past. A computer or router at your company stops working and you call up an IT firm to fix it and you pay for that particular service call.

The “Managed Services” model on the other hand is sometimes referred to as “all-you-can-eat” IT support — you enter into a contractual agreement with a managed service provider for them to manage your IT needs as they arise and you pay one monthly cost based on the service agreement. Items that fall outside the agreement like special projects or if you exceed certain agreed upon limits may incur an additional charge.

Over recent years, “Managed IT Services” has become the strategically more sound way to get IT support in Florida as small business IT challenges become more complex and hiring in-house IT staff becomes more expensive.


Managed Services Fort Lauderdale Florida
Choosing the right pricing model for Managed Services in Fort Lauderdale is no day at the beach – there is a lot to consider!

Managed IT Pricing in Florida

Once you’ve decided you want to go the Managed Services route, the monthly amount you pay for Managed Services in Florida will vary depending on:

– the number of employees in your  company,

– the required level of support & services you need,

– the complexity of the IT solutions & compliance requirements your industry requires.

If you are a growing e-commerce company who wants to move your  software to the cloud, require regular data backups and need top-notch cybersecurity, then expect to pay more than a smaller company like a local gym who just wants their Windows laptops maintained.

With most MSPs in Florida you will have 3 monthly pricing options for your Managed Services:

  • Flat-rate monthly price – based on a SLA,
  • Per user – you pay per employee being serviced
  • Per device – based on how many computers, routers, phones, etc you want managed.

All 3 monthly payment options have pros and cons and it really depends on your individual business IT needs & the market you operate in.

For example, a medical clinic has a lot more IT compliance & privacy issues to consider than a real estate office.

You need review each option with the Managed Service Providers you are considering – that way you have the information you need to make a proper comparison between your options and then choose the Managed IT service model that fits your business the best.


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